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Interior Doors

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Rishon Letsiyon Showroom:

Address:20 Etzel Street, Rishon LeTsiyon

Phone: 972-3-9555051

Design Center, BneiBrak Showroom:

Address:2 Lechi Street, BneiBrak

Phone: 972-3-6162120

Ra'anana Showroom:

Address:Taya House, 14 Hacharoshet Street, Ra'anana

Phone: 972-9-7414471

Holon Showroom:

Address:18 Hamelacha Street, Holon

Phone: 972-3-9555055

Contractors & Dealers Sales Department:

Fax: 972-3-9617446




The vision
behind Pandoor Doors a door manufacturer founded in 1989 lies in making custom designed doors an integral part of Israel's residential culture. The Company is behind Israel's design revolution when doors ceased being purely functional in nature and became one of the most vital components in a home's character. In 1995, Pandoor became the first company to instill the concept of Italian design in the Israeli public consciousness and in 1996, it became the first company


Custom designed door
A well designed home starts with a custom designed door. Due to the fact that home design has become a part of our collective consciousness, more and more people understand the vital role the interior doors play in creating the atmosphere of any home

Interior Doors an Opening For Thought
Interior doors close an opening meant for passing through two different parts of an open space.
Since interior doors have such a clear aim, often the task of picking an interior door is overlooked and does not receive the proper attention.


choosing the door color
When choosing the color of the door, you should make sure that it fits in well with the overall design of the house. The door's style should be similar to that of the different pieces of furniture in the house and the overall design scheme. If the house is designed using clean lines, you should maintain the same style when picking out a door, which should also match the color of the parquet or floor and most importantly the color of the walls in the house..

Planning Openings for Interior Doors in New Construction
Interior doors play a significant part in interior design since they occupy a central place in the space of any home or office. Therefore, when I approach a new project I pay close attention to the choice of interior doors


interior doors design
In recent years, many changes have occurred in the approach of interior designers regarding the way they refer to interior doors. Today, interior designers put a large emphasis on the approach that interior doors are just like any other piece of furniture

The Different Options for Interior Doors
After you have completed the first stage, and decided to buy decorative interior doors, let's understand the available products a little better: Understanding the different products available in the market will make things easier for you and enable you to better choose a door that will answer your needs and expectations